EPs for Startups and Technology Companies

Are you starting a company in Singapore and need EPs to grow your business? We can help!

Why Choose White Glove?

We understand small businesses, startups, technology and finance companies. Our founder, Jennifer Yarbrough, is a member of the California Bar Association (for licensed attorneys), and she has worked for several startups herself in Austin, Texas and San Jose (Silicon Valley) CA. She also serves on the Executive Committee of the American Association in Singapore. Her background in law, technology and finance gives us a unique perspective in Singapore. We utilize this background and understanding of the issues you face as a company, your funding situation, and your vision, and help you communicate these issues to MOM as needed. We get you!

While most of our competitors can enter EPs in the MOM system, what sets us apart is our ability to strategize with appeals. Often, with startups, MOM will deny the first round of EPs because they are not familiar with your company. Since we have a unique ability to understand your company, we can help you present your company and your applicant in the best light possible and give you the best chance at success. Of course, only MOM can make decisions on whether or not an EP will be granted, but we can help guide you to understand the process and help you achieve your goals with your small business, startup, fintech and technology company.