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How We Started

After many years in Singapore, and making a lot of mistakes in hiring helpers for her own home, Jennifer Yarbrough decided there must be a better way. She was looking for a fellow expat who understood her needs, who could help her screen for someone who would be an asset for her family. To her disappointment, she couldn’t find such a person or company, so she decided to start her own.

After a lot of research and polling friends and strangers about how to make the process better, she developed a process to screen helpers, understand their skills and weaknesses, and match families with good potential candidates.

So with a mission to improve the lives of both helpers and families, White Glove was born.

Since May 2019, when we placed our first helper, we have grown tremendously, and have many happy clients and helpers to count as our friends now. We have hired more agents to help serve our clients better, and we plan to grow even more in the future.

You can read more about us here, in Expat Living: https://expatliving.sg/domestic-helpers-singapore-hiring-process/

We are a company driven by a mission, to find happy homes for helpers and find good matches for both helpers and families. We do not want to saddle helers with debt, therfore, we never charge fees to helpers. Ever.

Are you struggling to find a good helper on your own? Do you need help selecting the right candidates for your family?  Do you need help from a fellow expat who has been there before? We can help!

Are you looking for a good family to join, who will appreciate you and treat you like their own family? Are you looking for an agent who won’t take advantage of you, who will look out for your interests too? If so, we can help!

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We take the guesswork out of hiring a helper.

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