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Whether you need to process your helpers work permit, apply for an Employment Pass, or to learn more about hiring a helper, we can help you find the right employment solution.
Work Permits for Helpers

If you have found your gem and are ready to hire, we can help you file the paperwork, get your insurance, and get your helper started as soon as possible.

EP, DP, S Pass and Letter of Consent

We can help your small business with its processing needs for work permits for your foreign employees. Our competitive prices will help your small business manage costs.

Coffee Mornings for New Employers

If you are new to Singapore, we can help you understand the process of hiring a helper. Well talk about requirements, interviewing, maintaining a good relationship with your helper, and getting her on board to help your family.

Guides and Resources

We have developed resources for you to help you with the process. Choose our Guide for Employers, our Interview Guide, or download our Chores Checklist to help you get started and have a successful relationship with your helper.

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Jennifer Yarbrough
Jennifer Yarbrough
Managing Director EA License R1982364
Jennifer is an American Lawyer from California, and has been living in Singapore for over 6 years. She has two children in international schools.

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